American Standard Brands Chooses TN For New Factory

caterpillar_front_mining_283340_lAmerican Standard Brands has announced the site of its upcoming manufacturing and distribution facility. According to a spokesperson for the heating, bathroom and sanitary company, the new facility will be located in Davidson County, Tennessee. This isn’t just a small facility, either. Reports indicate that American Standard Brand will invest more than $22 million into the project, creating an estimated 600 new jobs in the process. This will be the first new US-based facility created for American Standard Brand in more than two decades.

It’s a little known fact that American Standard Brands was formed back in 2007 during the breakup of American Standard Companies. During the breakup, Crane Plumbing and Elijer merged together to form the company that’s now know as a American Standard Brand. The company has since thrived in the competitive market of bathroom fixtures and appliances, selling millions of dollars worth of product annually. Analysts expect to growth to continue in the years to come, thanks in part to its new Tennessee manufacturing and distributing facility that’s currently in the works.

So, why did American Standard Brand choose Tennessee for its new manufacturing and distribution facility? In a statement to the press, Steve Delarge, American Standard’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer, cited the quality workforce and favorable business environment to being paramount in the company’s decision to choose Tennessee for its upcoming facility.

“This is an exciting announcement for Tennessee, as we welcome American Standard Brand’s expansion,” Commissioner Randy Boyd said. “In order to support this respected company’s future growth, we’re working hard to create the most aligned state in the nation when it comes to matching workforce development preparedness with company needs. I appreciate the new jobs American Standard Brands is bringing to our communities and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

There’s still no word yet on when exactly the new manufacturing and distribution facility will be completed. However, American Standard Brand said it expects work to being on the new facility in the fourth quarter of this year.

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