The Benefits of Material Handling Pick Racks

Material handling pick rack

What storage solution does your business use for its materials? If your business is currently using traditional racks or shelves, you may want to invest in pick racks. Pick racks offer a convenient way to store, as well as transport, materials.

What Are Material Handling Pick Racks?

Pick racks are vertical shelving units that support removable bins. While available in a variety of styles, they all dedicated spaces for removable bins. You can pull a bin out of a pick rack. After adding or removing material from it, you then place the bin back in the pick rack.

They are known as “pick racks” because they facilitate picking. Picking is the process of choosing and retrieving materials or other objects. With their removable bins, as well as their other features, pick racks simplify the process of picking in the workplace.

Ease of Organization

Pick racks make it easy to organize materials. Once set up, you can label the respective bins. A typical pick rack may support up to a dozen removable bins. Labeling them will allow you to identify the contents of the bins without opening them. You can look at the labels to determine which bin you need to open.

Leverages Vertical Storage Space

You can take advantage of the vertical space in your workplace by investing in pick racks. As shown in the photo above, many pick racks feature a vertical design. They consist of a tall metal frame that supports removable bins. With their vertical design, pick racks offer a convenient way to store materials without taking up a lot of space.

Available in Mobile Styles

Some pick racks are stationary, but others are mobile. Mobile pick racks are distinguished from their stationary counterparts by mobility. They feature wheels or casters on the bottom, which you can use to roll them around your workplace.

Increased Productivity

Investing in a set of pick racks may have a positive impact on your productivity. You’ll be able to choose and retrieve materials more quickly and accurately. The end result is increased productivity that reflects positively upon your business as a whole.

Available in Double-Sided Styles

In addition to mobile styles, pick racks are available in double-sided styles. Double-sided pick racks feature compartments for removable bins — just like all other pick racks. Only double-sided pick racks, however, allow workers to access these bins from both sides. Normally, workers can only access the bins from a particular side of a pick rack. Double-sided pick racks are different in the sense that workers can pull out the bins from either side.

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