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The Beginner’s Guide to A-Frame Carts

If you’re tired of manually carrying around tools or other heavy items, you may want to invest in an A-frame cart. Like all carts, it features a wheeled base. Rather than picking up and carrying the items, you can roll … Read More

What Are Box Dumpers and How Do They Work?

If you’re still manually emptying and unloading containers by hand, you may want to invest in a box dumper. It can increase your productivity while protecting you from painful musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the process. What are box dumpers, and … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Forklift Drum Attachments

If your job involves moving drums, you may want to invest in a forklift drum attachment. Forklifts aren’t limited to pallets. While most of them are designed to move wooden pallets via a pair of lifting forks, attachments open the … Read More

How to Choose a Pallet Truck

A pallet truck is an essential material handling device for countless businesses. Also known as a pallet jack or pallet pump, it allows workers to effortlessly lift and move loaded pallets. Pallet jacks feature a pair of forks on the … Read More

What Are Chip Trucks? Here’s What You Should Know

The right material handling equipment can make a world of difference in your productivity and safety. Depending on your job and what your business does, for instance, chip trucks may prove useful. They will allow to move wood chips more … Read More

What Is Caster Load Height and Why Is It Important?

You can’t ignore load height when shopping for casters. Whether you’re planning to install them on the bottom of a cart, toolbox, chair or any other object, you’ll need to consider the casters’ load height. Casters, of course, are undriven … Read More

The Benefits of a Height-Adjustable Workbench

You shouldn’t choose just any workbench for your garage or place of business. While they all offer a flat surface on which to work, some of them have different features than others. There are fixed workbenches, for instance, and there … Read More