How to Choose a Material Handling Cart

A material handling cart is a smart investment for nearly all types of businesses. Whether your business operates in the automotive, construction, manufacturing or retail sector, it will likely have goods or materials that require moving. Rather than moving these goods or materials manually, you can use a material handling cart. With so many different options, though, how do you know which material handling cart is right for your business?

High-Quality Casters

You should choose a material handling cart with high-quality casters. Casters are wheel assemblies. They consist of a wheel attached to a mountable frame. With high-quality casters, you’ll be able to easily roll a material handling cart. The wheels on the bottom of the cart will roll smoothly, and they’ll allow you to make sharp turns in small spaces.

Storage Bins

When most people think of material handling carts, they envision a plain L- or I-shaped frame. Some material handling carts, though, come with storage bins. The photo above, for instance, shows a material handling cart with storage bins. It comes with nine blue-colored storage bins. You can label these bins, and you can even remove them. Alternatively, there are material handling carts available without storage bins.

Security Needs

If you’re worried about theft or tampering, you may want to choose a wire security cart. Wire security carts can still be used to transport goods and materials — just like all material handling carts. Only wire security carts, though, have a fully enclosed wire design. You can lock the gate on the front of a wire security cart to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the cart’s contents.

The Size

You’ll need to consider the size when choosing a material handling cart. Whether it’s a security or non-security cart, it will likely come in different sizes. Some material handling carts are longer, wider or taller than others. The bigger the size, the more stuff it can carry. The downsize to choosing an oversized material handling cart, though, is that it may not fit in all areas. Therefore, you should consider your workplace and choose a material handling cart in an appropriate size.


Don’t ignore aesthetics when choosing a material handling cart. If you plan to use it in your workplace, you should choose a material handling cart that reflects your business’s brand. Fortunately, material handling carts are available in different colors. You can find them in blue, green, red, yellow and even chrome. If you choose a material handling cart with storage bins, you may discover that the bins are colored as well.

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