6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Utility Cart

Utility cart by Monroe

Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, chances are it can benefit from a utility cart. Also known as service carts and industrial carts, utility carts are material transport solutions. They feature one or more shelves along with wheels on the bottom. If you’re going to invest in a utility cart for your business, though, you should consider the following.

#1) Load Capacity

How much weight can the utility cart support? Like all material transport solutions, utility carts have a load capacity. The load capacity represents the maximum weight a utility cart can safely support. Some utility carts have a load capacity of 2,000 pounds. Others have a load capacity of 3,600 pounds.

#2) Number of Shelves

Don’t forget to consider the number of shelves when choosing a utility cart. Utility carts are available in different shelf configurations. As shown in the illustration above, some of them have two shelves: a base shelf at the bottom and a top shelf. However, you can also find utility carts with three or more shelves. Think about when and how you intend to use it, and choose a utility cart with a shelf configuration that meets your needs.

#3) Fixed vs Adjustable Shelves

In addition to the number of shelves, you should consider whether the shelves are fixed or adjustable. Adjustable shelves offer enhanced customization when compared to fixed shelves. You can typically lower or raise them. If a particular object won’t fit on the base shelf, for instance, you can raise the top shelf.

#4) Size

Something else to consider when choosing a utility cart is the size. Utility carts are available in a variety of sizes. Some of them are taller or longer than others. Bigger utility carts, of course, can hold bigger objects or more objects than their smaller counterparts. The downside to oversized utility carts, though, is that they are often less mobile than smaller utility carts.

#5) Weight

You should check the weight when choosing a utility cart. Most utility carts are relatively lightweight, but some of them still weigh more than others. Generally speaking, bigger utility carts weigh more than smaller utility carts.

#6) Color

You may have a color preference, in which case you should consider the color when choosing a utility cart. Popular colors in which utility carts are made include black and blue. They typically feature a metal frame — aluminum or steel — with a black or blue finish.

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