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What Are the Best Casters for Shock Absorption?

Some casters are better at absorbing shock than others. When used on rough or uneven terrain, they will dampen vibrations and unwanted movement while simultaneously stabilizing the objects on which they are mounted. So, what are the best casters for … Read More

How to Choose Pneumatic Casters

Casters are often categorized according to the material from which their wheels are made. Some of them feature neoprene wheels, whereas others feature polyurethane or thermoplastic rubber wheels. There are also pneumatic casters, however. Pneumatic casters still feature many of … Read More

How to Choose Leveling Casters

Leveling casters combine the benefits of leveling pads with wheeled casters. Like all casters, they feature a wheel assembly that can be mounted to the bottom of objects. Only leveling casters, however, can level the objects with which they are … Read More

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Utility Cart

Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, chances are it can benefit from a utility cart. Also known as service carts and industrial carts, utility carts are material transport solutions. They feature one or more shelves along with … Read More

Plain Bore vs Roller Bearings for Caster Wheels

You can’t choose the right set of caster wheels without considering the bearing type. All caster wheels have a bearing. Bearings are parts or assemblies of parts that facilitate rotation. Without them, caster wheels wouldn’t be able to roll. Ball … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Ring Casters

When shopping for casters, you may come across spring ring casters. They are commonly found on office chairs, storage cabinets, carts, tables, medical equipment and other wheeled products. Like all casters, they feature an undriven wheel and a mounting assembly. … Read More

Threaded Stem Casters vs Expanding Adapter Casters

Casters are available in different styles, two of the most common being threaded stem and expanding adapter. Both styles consist of a wheel assembly, and they are both designed for use on the bottom of objects. You can install on … Read More