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  • 5 Fun Facts About Casters

    5 Fun Facts About Casters0

    Casters make it easy to move equipment, furniture and other heavy or large objects. Consisting of a wheel attached to a plate or assembly, they allow for rolling. Rather than lifting an object to move it, you can roll it — assuming it has casters. While you may be familiar with the general concept of

  • A Short History of Casters

    A Short History of Casters0

    Casters are one of those things we take for granted and use every day. From the grocery cart to the office chair you sit in, the caster is a part of moving heavy items easily in multiple directions by pushing or pulling. It has become universal in application regardless of culture. It operates to simple

  • What to Know When Buying Casters

    What to Know When Buying Casters0

    There are only two reasons why one would ask how to buy a caster. The first is if you are holding a worn out one in your hand. The second is if you are a manufacturer incorporating a caster in your product. Either way you want to know some caster buying basics. Caster Basics. The

  • How Casters Work

    How Casters Work0

    What Are Casters? Most of us use casters every day without being aware of it. They allow your chair to move across the floor in any direction. They are the wheels on the front of the grocery cart that go wherever you point them with just a push. While the wheel gets credit for being

  • Comparing the Different Types of Casters

    Comparing the Different Types of Casters0

    A caster is more than just a wheel; it’s a versatile rolling device that includes a wheel as a well as a mounting frame. As shown in the image to the left, casters contain a single wheel housed within a frame. They are frequently used on the bottom of chairs, workbenches and heavy machinery, allowing

  • What to Consider When Choosing Casters?

    What to Consider When Choosing Casters?0

    Are you looking to purchase casters for your business? Featuring a rolling wheel housed inside a protective, swiveling frame, casters can turn stationary objects into mobile objects. After installing them on the bottom of a stationary object, you can roll the object to a new location. While all casters feature this basic design, their specifications

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