The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Ring Casters

When shopping for casters, you may come across spring ring casters. They are commonly found on office chairs, storage cabinets, carts, tables, medical equipment and other wheeled products. Like all casters, they feature an undriven wheel and a mounting assembly. Spring ring casters, however, leverage an internal spring to secure them in place.

Overview of Spring Ring Casters

Spring ring casters are characterized by the use of a spring-loaded mounting stem. Most casters use either a stem or plate for mounting. Spring ring casters fall under the former category. Also known as friction ring casters, they feature a spring-loaded stem that “grips” the inner walls of the hole in which they are placed. Spring ring casters essentially pop into place.

Some of the benefits of spring ring casters include:

  • Quick and easy to install (doesn’t require any tools)
  • Offers a tight, snug fit
  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Easy to maneuver

How Spring Ring Casters Work

Spring ring casters work by creating friction. Near the top of the stem is a specialized ring. Known as a grip ring or friction ring, it’s designed to hold the spring ring caster in place.

You can install spring ring casters on the bottom of an object. As long as the object features a set of appropriately sized holes, it will accommodate these casters. Pushing a spring ring caster in one of these holes will result in a tight fit. The grip ring or friction ring will create a snug fit that prevents the caster from falling out.

Choosing Spring Ring Casters

How do you choose the right spring ring casters exactly? Pay close attention to the wheel diameter. Some spring ring casters feature a larger wheel diameter than others. With a large wheel diameter, you’ll have an easier time rolling the casters.

You should also consider the weight capacity when choosing spring ring casters. Some spring ring casters can handle 150 to 199 pounds, whereas others can handle up to 249 pounds. Keep in mind that weight capacities are typically “per caster.” Therefore, you can multiply the weight capacity by the total number of casters to determine how much weight they can safely hold.

Something else to consider when choosing spring ring casters is the wheel material. While they all feature a spring-loaded stem, spring ring casters are available in different wheel materials. Some of them feature a rubber wheel, whereas others feature a thermoplastic wheel.

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