How to Choose Leveling Casters

Leveling casters

Leveling casters combine the benefits of leveling pads with wheeled casters. Like all casters, they feature a wheel assembly that can be mounted to the bottom of objects. Only leveling casters, however, can level the objects with which they are used. Here are several things to consider when choosing leveling casters.

Wheel Material

Leveling casters are available in different wheel materials. Some of them feature nylon or nylon 66 wheels, whereas others feature polyurethane wheels. Polyurethane wheels are typically made with an aluminum core, which is covered in softer polyurethane. Nylon wheels, on the other hand, are constructed entirely of nylon.

Leveling Mechanism

What type of leveling mechanism do the leveling casters have? Leveling casters receive their namesake from their ability to level the objects with which they are used. Most of them feature an anti-vibration leveling pad that you can raise or lower. After rolling the object to the desired location, you can lower these pads. If the object is still wobbly or otherwise not level, you can adjust the leveling pads as needed. With that said, the specific type of leveling pad or mechanism may vary depending on the type of leveling caster.

Bearing vs No Bearing

You can find leveling casters with and without bearings. Some of them feature ball bearings that reduce friction so that you can roll them more easily. The ball bearings roll inside of a raceway while simultaneously minimizing friction. The raceway itself is protected by a seal. As long as the seal remains intact, dust and debris won’t be able to reach the ball bearing. Other leveling casters, however, feature a more traditional design without any ball bearings.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing leveling casters is the capacity. The listed capacity represents how much weight a given caster can safely support. Since they are used to roll and move objects, you’ll need to choose leveling casters that can support the weight of these objects.

Wheel Size

In addition to the capacity, you should consider the wheel size when choosing leveling casters. Whether it’s a nylon or polyurethane wheel, leveling casters are available in different wheel sizes. Common wheel sizes range from just 42 millimeters in diameter to 90 millimeters in diameter.

Leveling casters offer a unique alternative to plain casters. They still consist of a wheel in a mountable assembly, but only leveling casters have a built-in leveling pad. You can them to roll and move objects, and you can use them level objects.

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