What Are the Best Casters for Shock Absorption?

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Some casters are better at absorbing shock than others. When used on rough or uneven terrain, they will dampen vibrations and unwanted movement while simultaneously stabilizing the objects on which they are mounted. So, what are the best casters for shock absorption exactly?

Solid Rubber

Solid rubber casters offer excellent shock absorption. Consisting of organic polymers, rubber is a soft and elastic material. Rubber casters exhibit these same properties. They are soft and elastic, which allows them to absorb shock.

High-Modulus Rubber

Some casters are made of a special type of rubber known as high-modulus rubber. The term “modulus” is used to describe a material’s stress when elongated. It’s essentially a measurement of how much stress a material can withstand without becoming permanent deformed. High-modulus rubber casters exhibit superior elasticity and, thus, shock absorption.


If you’re looking for shock absorption, you can’t go wrong with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) casters. TPR is a synthetic material that combines the properties of rubber and thermoplastic. It’s typically made via a molding process, such as injection molding or compression molding. Regardless, TPR casters offer excellent shock absorption.


One of the most effective types of casters for shock absorption is pneumatic. They aren’t constructed of a solid material. Rather, pneumatic casters feature a hollow construction that allows them to hold air. Some pneumatic casters are made of synthetic rubber, whereas others are made of natural rubber. The defining of characteristic of all pneumatic casters, however, is that they are filled with air. This air-filled construction allows them to absorb shock better than most other types of casters.

Mold-On Rubber

There are also casters made of mold-on rubber. Mold-on rubber is exactly what it sounds like: rubber that’s molded onto a core. Mold-on rubber casters feature a solid core consisting of a different material — cast iron, aluminum, etc. — which is covered in an outer layer of rubber.


Spring-loaded casters are another option to consider for shock absorption. As their name suggests, they feature a spring mechanism. The spring mechanism works like a suspension system to dampen vibrations. Spring-loaded casters are available in a variety of materials, such as those mentioned above, but they feature a spring mechanism as well.

In Conclusion

You can’t ignore shock absorption when shopping for casters. Choosing casters with excellent shock absorption will allow you to easily use them on rough and uneven terrain. Some of the most popular types of casters for shock absorption include solid rubber, high-modulus rubber, TPR, pneumatic, mold-on rubber and spring-loaded.

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