What Are Box Dumpers and How Do They Work?

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If you’re still manually emptying and unloading containers by hand, you may want to invest in a box dumper. It can increase your productivity while protecting you from painful musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the process. What are box dumpers, and how do they work exactly?

Box Dumpers Explained

Box dumpers are machines that automatically empty or “dump” containers. They are designed to work with a variety of containers. Box dumpers will lift the container, followed by tilting it. Once titled, the contents of the container will fall out.

How Box Dumpers Work

Most box dumpers are hydraulically powered. They feature pressurized liquid, which they use to generate mechanical power. Hydraulic box dumpers leverage pressurized liquid to tilt containers.

Some box dumpers also work in conjunction with a forklift. You can use a forklift to initially load a container. These box dumpers have a front base that’s 12 inches off the ground, making them ideal for forklifts.

Here’s a breakdown of a typical box dumper’s operation:

  • The container is loaded on the box dumper.
  • The container is secured to the chute.
  • The box dumper is positioned over an unloading area, such as a dumpster.
  • The box dumper raises and tilts the container.
  • The contents of the container fall out and into the unloading area.

Why Use a Box Dumper

With a box dumper, you can quickly empty containers. They eliminate the need for emptying containers by hand. Whether hydraulic or pneumatic, box dumpers will take this burden off your shoulders by automatically emptying a variety of containers.

Box dumpers can handle heavy containers. They still have a load capacity, but many of them can support 2,000 to 6,000 pounds.

Box dumpers are also available in different sizes. Some of them have a larger chute than others. A large chute, of course, will allow you to dump large containers. Chute dimensions for box dumpers can range from 36 by 36 inches to 48 by 51 inches.

In addition to different chute dimensions, box dumpers are available with different dump heights. The dump height, of course, represents the maximum height at which a box dumper can raise its chute.

Emptying containers by hand isn’t just time-consuming; it’s taxing on your body. Millions of workers suffer from MSDs. You can lower your risk of developing MSDs by using a box dumper. The box dumper will lift and tilt otherwise heavy containers so that you don’t have to.

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