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  • What Are Thrust Bearings and How Do They Work?

    What Are Thrust Bearings and How Do They Work?0

    Bearings are an important part of many machines. Consisting of a donut-shaped piece of material, they are designed to restrict or limit the motion of a machine’s moving parts while also reducing friction between the machine’s moving parts in the process. They are known as “bearings” because they “bear” the stress of a machine’s moving

  • What Are Pillow Block Bushings?

    What Are Pillow Block Bushings?0

    Bearings are used to help machines and objects rotate. They typically consist of housing unit with a hole that supports a machine’s or object’s shaft. The shaft is placed in the bearing’s hole where it’s able to easily rotate. In turn, they reduce wear and tear on the connected machines and objects. While all bearings

  • Comparing the Different Types of Bearings

    Comparing the Different Types of Bearings0

    A bearing is a common machinery component that’s used to regulate the motion and reduce the friction of a moving part. It restricts relative movement to reduce the load placed on the part and the machine. In fact, the word “bearing” is a combination of the words “to bear,” reflecting the component’s ability to bear

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