Breaking Down the Parts of a Pillow Block Bearing

Pillow block bearing by Monroe

Pillow block bearings are commonly used to support a rotating shaft. They feature an inner hole in which a rotating shaft can be inserted. Like plain bearings, pillow block bearings will reduce friction. The shaft will be able to rotate more easily with less friction. What are the parts of a typical pillow block bearing exactly?


All pillow block bearings feature a bearing. Bearings are surfaces that are designed to constrain movement and reduce friction. Pillow block bearings feature a single bearing in the center. You can use a pillow block bearing by inserting a shaft into the bearing. The bearing will support the shaft while simultaneously reducing friction.

Bearings are typically lubricated with oil. Many of them, in fact, come pre-oiled. The oil allows the inner sleeve to reduce friction. Pillow block bearings are available in a variety of styles, but most of them feature an oil-lubricated bearing in the center.

Mounting Frame

In addition to a bearing, pillow block bearings feature a mounting frame. The mounting frame is also known as a pillow block. It’s the housing that contains the bearing.

The photo above depicts a pillow block bearing. As you can see, it features a bearing in the center of a mounting frame. The mounting frame is the large metal housing, whereas the bearing is the center hole. You can secure pillow block bearings in place by driving threaded fasteners through the mounting frame and into the underlying object.

Pillow Block Bearings vs Plummer Block Bearings

Both pillow block bearings and plummer block bearings feature a mounting frame. Their respective mounting frames are almost identical. They are both made of metal, and they both feature a pair of fastener holes on the side.

Pillow block bearings and plummer block bearings aren’t the same, however. Only pillow block bearings feature a built-in bearing. Plummer block bearings simply have an opening that can accommodate a bearing. You can add a bearing to a plummer block bearing. Nonetheless, plummer block bearings don’t come with an integrated bearing.

In Conclusion

Pillow block bearings are relatively simple, consisting of a bearing and a mounting frame. The bearing is the oil-lubricated center hole. The mounting frame, on the other hand, is the housing. You can insert a shaft into the bearing, and you can secure a pillow block bearing in place by driving fasteners through the mounting frame’s holes on the side.

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