Drum Dollies: Simplifying the Process of Moving Drums

Drum dolly

If your job involves handling industrial drums, you may want to invest in a drum dolly. It will allow you to move drums faster and more easily. Rather than using a traditional cart, you can place drums on a specialized dolly. Here’s everything you need to know about drum dollies.

What Is a Drum Dolly?

A drum dolly is a wheeled platform that’s designed specifically for industrial drums. You can place a drum on this specialized dolly. You can then roll it to the desired location.

Drum Dollies vs Traditional Dollies

Drum dollies aren’t the same as traditional dollies. Traditional dollies consist of a platform — typically square or rectangular — with wheels on the bottom. Some of them have other features, such as a handle or straps. Regardless, a traditional dolly is a general-purpose wheeled platform that can be used to move a variety of objects.

Drum dollies differ from traditional dollies in several ways, one of which is the shape. They don’t feature the same square or rectangular shape as their traditional counterparts. Instead, drum dollies feature a circular or octagon shape.

Drum dollies are typically stronger and more durable than traditional dollies. After all, they are designed specifically for use with industrial drums. While industrial drums are available in different sizes, they are very heavy when full. A 55-gallon industrial drum filled with just water can easily weigh over 500 pounds.

Why Use a Drum Dolly

You can use a drum dolly to streamline the handling and transportation of industrial drums. Moving drums manually can be time-consuming. If a drum is full, in fact, you may not be able to move it yourself. A simple solution is to use a drum dolly. You can place the drum on this specialized dolly and then roll it.

Drum dollies promote a safer workplace by minimizing the risk of lifting-related injuries. Manually lifting drums and other heavy objects can cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), including muscle sprains and strains.

Drum dollies are versatile. You can use them to move a variety of drum types. The platform is slightly oversized so that it will fit most sizes and types of drums.

Another reason to use a drum dolly is to protect your floors from damage. All drum dollies have wheels on the bottom. These wheels typically consist of high-quality casters that distribute the weight of the drums with which they are used, thereby protecting the underlying floors from damage.

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