G30 vs G43 vs G70 Industrial Chains: What’s the Difference?

G70 chain by Monroe

When shopping for industrial chains, you may come across the terms “G30,” “G43” and “G70” They are specific chain grades. Chains are commonly used to lift and pull heavy loads. Therefore, they must be designed to support the weight of the loads with which they are used. By referring to the grade, you can choose the right chain for the job.

What Is a G30 Chain?

A G30 chain is a type of industrial chain that’s designed for use in light-load applications. It’s made of low-carbon steel and features a short pitch link. G30 chains are commonly used in towing, lifting, tie-down and similar applications.

What Is a G43 Chain?

A G43 chain is a type of industrial chain that’s designed for use in medium-load applications. While G43 chains look similar to their G30 counterparts, they aren’t the same. G43 chains are stronger and, thus, support heavy loads.

What Is a G70 Chain?

A step up from G43 is G70. G70 chains are among the strongest industrial chains on the market. They have a tensile strength of 70. Therefore, G70 chains are stronger than all lower-grade chains, including G30 and G70 chains.

Differences Between G30, G43 and G70 Chains

Industrial chains are available in different grades, some of which include G30, G43 and G70. The grade represents the strength of a given chain. The higher the grade, the stronger the chain. With their steel construction, G30 chains are still strong and durable, but they lack the strength of G43 and G70 chains.

The material from which a chain is made may vary depending on its grade. All three grades of chains are made of steel. With that said, G30 chains are made of low-carbon steel, whereas G43 and G70 chains are made of higher-carbon steel. G43 and G70 chains contain more carbon, which makes them stronger than G30 chains.

G30, G43 and G70 chains are also used in different applications. G30 chains are classified as general-purpose chains that, as their name suggests, are used in a variety of applications. G43 chains, on the other hand, are typically used in anchoring applications. And G70 chains are typically used in towing applications.

G70 chains have the highest working load limit of all three grades of chains. The working load limit refers to the maximum amount of weight that a chain can safely handle. Some G70 chains have a working load limit of 2,600 pounds, whereas others have a working load limit of over 5,000 pounds. G30 and G43 chains, in comparison, have lower working load limits.

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