How Strap Hinges Differ From Traditional Door Hinges

Because they are both commonly found on doors, many people assume that strap hinges are the same as traditional door hinges. They both feature two leafs while allowing for a limited angle of rotation. You can install a set of strap hinges or traditional door hinges on a door. Once installed, you’ll be able to swing open the door. While used in similar applications, however, strap hinges and traditional door hinges aren’t the same.

Long and Narrow Leafs

Strap hinges are characterized by long and narrow leafs. Like with traditional door hinges, they feature two leafs that interlock together to form a knuckle. The leafs on strap hinges, though, are typically longer and narrower than the leafs on traditional door hinges. The long and narrow leafs on strap hinges allow them to support heavy loads.

Triangular Leaf Shape

In addition to being long and narrow, the leafs on strap hinges are typically triangular. Most strap hinges have two long triangular leafs, whereas traditional door hinges have two square or rectangular leafs. The triangular shape of the leafs allows strap hinges to support and distribute the weight of the objects with which they are used. There are other nuances between them, but you can often distinguish between these two types of hinges by inspecting their leaf shape.

Aesthetic Appeal

Strap hinges have a certain level of aesthetic appeal that’s not found in many traditional door hinges. They often have a timeless rustic style with intricate designs or cutouts. Traditional door hinges, on the other hand, feature a simpler and more basic design. You can still find traditional door hinges in attractive styles, but strap hinges are often designed with an emphasis on aesthetics.

Doors and Gates

While traditional door hinges are typically used to connect standard indoor and outdoor doors to an adjacent frame, strap hinges are used for heavier doors as well as gates. Strap hinges are designed with an emphasis on strength and stability, so they can withstand the weight of a heavy door or gate.

Installation Method

Strap hinges also require a different installation method than traditional door hinges. Traditional door hinges are typically mortised into the door and frame. You’ll need to carve out a shallow groove, at which point you can mount the leafs in the door and frame. Strap hinges, in comparison, don’t require mortising. You can install them by mounting the leafs directly on the surface of the door and frame.

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