Pros and Cons of Surface-Mount Door Hinges

If you’re thinking about installing surface-mount hinges, you should familiarize yourself with their advantages and disadvantages. Door hinges can be categorized according to the way in which they are mounted. Mortise hinges are mounted in a shallow cutout on the … Read More

Why Your Door Hinges Are Accumulating Black Dust

Have you noticed black dust accumulating on a door hinge in your home or workplace? Hinges play an important role in the function of most doors. Consisting of two leafs and a pin, they connect doors to an adjacent frame … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Cold-Rolled Steel Hinges

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How Strap Hinges Differ From Traditional Door Hinges

Because they are both commonly found on doors, many people assume that strap hinges are the same as traditional door hinges. They both feature two leafs while allowing for a limited angle of rotation. You can install a set of … Read More

Why Door Hinges Are Mortised

When inspecting the hinges on a typical door, you may notice that they are mortised. Door hinges are available in different sizes, materials, shapes and styles. Most door hinges, however, are installed so that they are recessed within the door … Read More

Butt vs Spring Hinges: What’s the Difference?

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5 Common Myths About Piano Hinges

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