Hinges: The Importance of Pin Size

When choosing a hinge, you should consider the size of the pin. Most hinges have a pin. It’s a rod-like component that’s inserted through the hollow knuckle. Pressing two hinge leafs together will form a knuckle. The pin is designed … Read More

Why Exterior Doors Swing Inward

Ever wonder why exterior doors on homes and buildings swing inward? Interior doors typically swing outward. When opening a door inside of a home or building, you’ll probably push it away from you. Exterior doors, though, typically swing inward. All … Read More

What to Look for in a Heavy-Duty Piano Hinge

Piano hinges have become a popular alternative to traditional hinges. They still feature two leafs and a knuckle. A pin is placed through the center of the two leafs to secure them together. Piano hinges, however, are distinguished from other … Read More

Do Doors Need 2 Hinges or 3 Hinges?

When installing a door, you might be wondering whether to use two hinges or three hinges. Hinges, of course, allow doors to swing open. They feature two leafs and a knuckle. By connecting a door to the frame with a … Read More

5 Facts About Wave Springs

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Are Hinge Pins Interchangeable?

A pin is a common part of most hinges. With the exception of living hinges, most hinges have a pin. It’s a small rod-like part that’s designed to hold the two leafs together while simultaneously locking the knuckle. You might … Read More

Living Hinges: How to Choose the Right Continuous Hinge

Hinges are used to create a limited angle of rotation between two objects. When attached to a door and frame, for instance, a hinge will allow the door to pull open. While most hinges consist of several parts — two … Read More

4 Reasons to Consider Plastic Hinges

Not all hinges are made of metal. While you can find them in common metal alloys like stainless steel and aluminum, some of them are made of plastic. Plastic hinges are available in the same traditional design as their metal … Read More

Hinge Measurements: What You Need to Know

Hinges are available in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re planning to install them on a door, gate, cabinet or any other surface, you’ll need to choose hinges in the right size. Most hinges feature several common measurements. Referring to … Read More