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  • What is a Plastic Living Butt Hinge?

    What is a Plastic Living Butt Hinge?0

    A hinge that is lubrication free, resistant to degradation in moist or corrosive environments, and UV protected. Can it be true? Sure can, it is a  plastic living butt hinge! They are a great alternative to conventional metal hinges. Made of polypropylene plastic, the living butt hinge is a one-piece, molded, spineless hinge. Careful design

  • Stainless Steel vs Galvanized

    Stainless Steel vs Galvanized0

    If you’ve done any shopping for screws, you’ve probably noticed that some of them are made of 100% stainless steel, whereas others are made of galvanized steel. Based on this alone, it’s difficult to identify the differences between them. After all, they both look and function pretty much the same. So, what’s the difference between

  • Comparing The Different Types of Hinges

    Comparing The Different Types of Hinges0

    Hinges come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. From the popular all-purpose piano hinge to the more complex mortise hinge, there’s a solution out there for nearly every application. Whether you’re installing a new door or building something in your workshop, you should carefully choose the hinge that’s best suited for your particular needs.