How to Choose Strap Hinges

Consisting of leafs, knuckles and a pin, a hinge is a simple mechanical bearing that’s used to create a joint. They feature two leafs, each of which is installed on a separate workpiece. After the leafs have been secured to … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Piano Hinges

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What Are the Parts of a Hinge?

Hinges are mechanical bearings used to create a limited and fixed range of rotational movement between two workpieces. Most doors, for instance, are affixed to a frame with two or more hinges. Hinges allow doors to swing open — but … Read More

6 Facts About Hinges

Consisting of a mechanical metal bearing, hinges are frequently used to join two objects. Unlike other joining methods, though, a hinge allows for rotational movement between the respective objects. When two objects are connected with a hinge, they can rotate. … Read More

What Is a Geared Continuous Hinge?

A hinge is a type of bearing that’s used to join two objects while allowing one or both objects to partially rotate. Kitchen cabinets, for example, often feature a hinge that allows the door to open and close. The hinge … Read More

What Is a Strap Hinge?

When shopping for hinges, you’ll probably come across strap hinges. Based on the name alone, you may assume they are used on straps of rope or cordage, but this isn’t necessarily true. On the contrary, most strap hinges are typically … Read More

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hinge

While most commonly associated with doors, hinges are used in a wide range of applications, some of which include cabinets, windows, briefcases, gates and storage containers. With their rotating axis, they allow two joined objects to move freely. On a … Read More

How Living Hinges Differ From Conventional Hinges

The term is “living hinge” is somewhat of a misnomer because neither it nor any other hinge is actually alive. Hinges are inanimate objects made of various materials, and living hinges are no exception. So, what is a living hinge … Read More

Steel vs Aluminum Hinge: Which Is Best?

A hinge is a mechanical component that’s used to join the surfaces of two objects. As shown in the adjacent photo, it allows the surfaces to rotate around a fixed axis. One of the most common applications of hinges is … Read More