5 Reasons to Choose Weld-On Hinges Over Traditional Hinges

Weld-on hinge by Monroe

Weld-on hinges have become a popular alternative to traditional hinges. They are still used as mechanical bearings. Once installed, weld-on hinges will allow a limited angle of rotation between two objects, such as a door and the surrounding frame. While traditional hinges require threaded fasteners, however, weld-on hinges are welded into place. So, when should you choose weld-on hinges over traditional hinges?

#1) Metal Objects

You may want to choose weld-on hinges for metal objects. Doors and door frames, of course, are typically made of wood. While hinges are commonly used on doors, they can be used on other objects as well, such as metal access panels and machinery components.

If you use traditional hinges, you may struggle to drive the threaded fasteners through the metal objects. With weld-on hinges, you won’t have to use any fasteners; you can weld the hinges directly onto the metal objects.

#2) No Drilling Required

Weld-on hinges don’t require any drilling. As long as you have a welding machine, you can install them.

In comparison, traditional hinges usually require drilling. You’ll have to drill a single pilot per threaded fastener. If a traditional hinge uses six threaded fasteners, and you install two of the hinges, you’ll have to drill a total of 12 holes.

#3) Long-Lasting

Weld-on hinges are incredibly durable and last a long time. Most of them are made of a corrosion-resistant material, such as aluminum or stainless steel. You can use weld-on hinges indoors or outdoors without fear of them corroding.

#4) Protection From Tampering

If you’re worried about tampering, you may want to choose weld-on hinges. They can’t be tampered with like most other hinges.

Weld-on hinges offer a high level of protection against tampering thanks to their fastener-less design. With other types of hinges, a nefarious individual may be able to remove the threaded fasteners. Weld-on hinges don’t use threaded fasteners; the only way to remove them is to break the welded joints created during installation.

#5) Maintenance Free

Weld-on hinges are essentially maintenance-free. Since they don’t use threaded fasteners, weld-on hinges don’t require tightening. You won’t have to go back over them with a screwdriver to tighten the fasteners.

Their maintenance-free design is just one more reason to consider weld-on hinges over traditional hinges. Other reasons to choose weld-on hinges include ease of use with metal objects, no drilling required, long-lasting, protection from tampering and maintenance-free.

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