Continuous Footman Loops: Everything You Need to Know

Continuous Footman Loop by Monroe

Not all footman loops feature a single anchor point. Some of them feature multiple anchor points. Known as continuous footman loops, they are available in a variety of materials. You can find continuous footman loops in stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum alloy. Regardless of the material, though, they all feature multiple anchor points. What are continuous footman loops exactly, and how do they differ from other types of footman loops?

What Is a Continuous Footman Loop?

A continuous footman loop is a type of footman loop that’s characterized by an endless design. The photo above depicts a set of continuous footman loops. Each continuous footman loop is endless in the sense that it has alternating ridges.

Standard vs Continuous Footman Loops: What’s the Difference?

Footman loops are classified as standard or continuous depending on their design. Standard footman loops feature a traditional, handle-like design. They essentially look like raised bars. You can install a standard footman loop on a fixed surface, after which you can connect loads to it.

Continuous footman loops feature a wave-like design with alternating tall and short ridges. This unique, alternating design allows for multiple anchor points. Standard footman loops feature a single anchor point, whereas continuous footman loops feature multiple anchor points.

With only a single anchor point, standard footman loops are more limited in terms of their applications. You can still use standard footman loops to secure loads. But their handle-like design means they’ll only offer a single anchor point.

Reasons to Choose a Continuous Footman Loop

You should consider choosing a continuous footman loop if you’re planning to connect multiple loads to it. Each tall ridge on a continuous footman is an anchor point. A typical continuous footman loop features about three tall ridges. Therefore, they feature three anchor points.

Continuous footman loops are available in different materials. You can find them in many of the same strong materials as their standard counterparts, including stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum alloy. There are nuances between these materials. Nonetheless, they are all strong, so you can rest assured knowing that continuous footman loops won’t break easily.

In Conclusion

Continuous footman loops offer a versatile alternative to traditional, standard footman loops. They are still used to attach ropes and chains. Continuous footman loops, however, feature multiple anchor points. Most of them feature three separate anchor points, with each anchor point occurring on a raised ridge.

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