How to Choose a Shackle

A shackle is an essential component of many rigging systems. Also known as a gyve, it consists of a U-shaped piece of metal with an opening at the end. You can secure a shackle by placing a bolt or pin … Read More

What Is a Bolt Type Anchor Shackle?

Bolt type anchor shackles are commonly used in rigging and lifting applications. Also known simply as bolt shackles, they feature a bolt that’s secured with a pin. You can use a bolt type anchor shackle to lift or pull heavy … Read More

Rope Rings: A Versatile Tie-Down Solution

For a quick and effective tie-down solution, look no further than a rope ring. They are commonly used to secure loads. You can mount a rope ring on a safe, supportive structure. Once mounted, you can connect a rope or … Read More

5 Benefits of Using a Lifting Magnet

If you regularly lift heavy objects while working, you may want to invest in a lifting magnet. Lifting magnets are devices that leverage a powerful magnet to pick up and lift objects made of a ferromagnetic material. What are the … Read More

5 Facts About Yoke Ends

Yoke ends offer a simple and effective rigging solution for cables. Rather than connecting a cable to a traditional fastener, such as a plain eyebolt, you can connect it to a yoke end. Yoke ends are used in many lifting … Read More

What Are the Benefits of Clevis Hooks?

Clevis hooks are commonly used in commercial lifting applications. As their name suggests, they feature a clevis pin. You can find the clevis pin at the top of a clevis hook. It’s a bolt-like piece of hardware that runs through … Read More

What Are Plate Clamps and How Do They Work?

When shopping for clamps, you may encounter plate clamps. They don’t feature the same hook-like design as other clamps. Rather, plate clamps consist of a pair of round plates that are secured together. You can use plate clamps in a … Read More