What Is a Bolt Type Anchor Shackle?

Bolt type anchor shackles are commonly used in rigging and lifting applications. Also known simply as bolt shackles, they feature a bolt that’s secured with a pin. You can use a bolt type anchor shackle to lift or pull heavy … Read More

Rope Rings: A Versatile Tie-Down Solution

For a quick and effective tie-down solution, look no further than a rope ring. They are commonly used to secure loads. You can mount a rope ring on a safe, supportive structure. Once mounted, you can connect a rope or … Read More

5 Benefits of Using a Lifting Magnet

If you regularly lift heavy objects while working, you may want to invest in a lifting magnet. Lifting magnets are devices that leverage a powerful magnet to pick up and lift objects made of a ferromagnetic material. What are the … Read More

5 Facts About Yoke Ends

Yoke ends offer a simple and effective rigging solution for cables. Rather than connecting a cable to a traditional fastener, such as a plain eyebolt, you can connect it to a yoke end. Yoke ends are used in many lifting … Read More

What Are the Benefits of Clevis Hooks?

Clevis hooks are commonly used in commercial lifting applications. As their name suggests, they feature a clevis pin. You can find the clevis pin at the top of a clevis hook. It’s a bolt-like piece of hardware that runs through … Read More

What Are Plate Clamps and How Do They Work?

When shopping for clamps, you may encounter plate clamps. They don’t feature the same hook-like design as other clamps. Rather, plate clamps consist of a pair of round plates that are secured together. You can use plate clamps in a … Read More

An Introduction to Lifting Tables

Designing an ergonomic workplace requires careful consideration of the equipment All workplaces have equipment. Some types of equipment, though, are more ergonomic than others. A lifting table, for instance, is a type of ergonomic equipment that’s commonly found in workplaces. … Read More