5 Facts About Yoke Ends

Yoke ends by Monroe

Yoke ends offer a simple and effective rigging solution for cables. Rather than connecting a cable to a traditional fastener, such as a plain eyebolt, you can connect it to a yoke end. Yoke ends are used in many lifting applications. You can connect a cable to a yoke end to lift the object to which it’s attached.

#1) Features Multiple Parts

Yoke ends consist of several different parts. They feature a cotter pin, clevis and yoke. The cotter pin is designed to hold the yoke end together. You can place the yoke bolt through the clevis. Once in place, you can secure the yoke bolt with the cotter pin. Yoke bolts have a hole near the bottom. Inserting a cotter pin through this hole will hold the yoke end together.

#2) Also Known as Clevis Ends

Yoke ends are also known as clevis ends. They are essentially clevis fasteners. Clevis fasteners are multipiece fasteners that feature a U-shaped clevis and a bolt. Some people refer to them as clevis fasteners or clevis ends, but others refer to them as yoke ends. Regardless, they consist of the same basic parts, and they are used for the same lifting applications.

#3) Threaded Rod For Installation

Most yoke ends use a threaded rod for installation. The U-shaped clevis features a rod with interior threading. You can install a yoke end by connecting this rod to a similar rod with internal threading. To lift an object with a yoke end, for example, you can connect the yoke end to a bolt on the object. Yoke ends feature a threaded rod for installation.

#4) Creates a Mounting Point

You can easily create mounting points by using yoke ends. Lifting applications require a mounting point. Attempting to lift an object from the wrong place may result in damage. You may damage the object, or you may damage the lifting device. Yoke ends minimize the risk of damage such as this by creating a mounting point. After installing a yoke end on an object, you can then lift the object by connecting a cable to it.

#5) Made of Forged Steel

Because they are designed for lifting applications, you can rest assured knowing that yoke ends are strong. Many of them are made of forged steel. Forged steel is an iron alloy that’s characterized by the use of high pressure. It’s made using extreme pressure. The end result is a harder, stronger material than traditional steel.

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