What Are LED Streamer Lights?

LED streamer lights

When shopping for industrial lighting systems, you may stumble upon light-emitting diode (LED) streamer lights. They are commonly used in the construction industry. Many construction companies use LED streamer lights to illuminate their workspaces. What are LED streamer lights exactly, and how do they differ from other industrial lighting systems?

LED Streamer Lights Defined

LED streamer lights are strings of LED bulbs. Some of them run 25 feet, whereas others run 50 or even 100 feet. Regardless, all LED streamer lights consist of a string with multiple LED bulbs connected to them.

As their name suggests, LED streamer lights specifically use LED bulbs. LED is a lighting technology that involves the use of diodes. When electricity flows through these diodes, they emit light. LED streamer lights feature an array of evenly spaced LED bulbs. Each of these LED bulbs will emit light — assuming the LED string light is connected to a power source.

LED bulbs are energy efficient. They consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. LED streamer lights exhibit these same energy-efficient properties. You can use them for long periods without fear of high energy costs. LED streamer lights use energy-efficient light bulbs that can provide illumination at a minimal cost.

How LED Streamer Lights Differ From Other Lighting Systems

Other industrial lighting systems may only consist of a single bulb. There are freestanding lighting systems, for instance, that use a single bulb. You can install them in workspaces, and you can use them for the same illumination purposes as LED streamer lights. But other industrial lighting systems may only consist of a single bulb. In comparison, LED streamer lights consist of multiple bulbs

What to Look For in LED Streamer Lights

If you’re going to buy LED streamer lights, you should look for a durable construction. While all LED streamer lights feature LED bulbs, some of them are made of different materials than others. You can find LED streamer lights made of neoprene rubber, for example, and you can find them made of thermoplastic rubber. Both of these materials are strong, weather resistant and elastic, making them popular choices for LED streamer lights.

You should choose LED streamer lights in the right size. Some of them are longer than others. And the longer the LED streamer light, the more LED bulbs it will typically feature. Measure the area in which you intend to use them, and choose LED streamer lights in an appropriate length.

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