What Are the Benefits of Clevis Hooks?

Clevis hook by Monroe

Clevis hooks are commonly used in commercial lifting applications. As their name suggests, they feature a clevis pin. You can find the clevis pin at the top of a clevis hook. It’s a bolt-like piece of hardware that runs through the top of a clevis hook. Being that there are other types of hooks available, though, you might be wondering what benefits clevis hooks offer.

Available in Open and Snap-Lock Styles

Clevis hooks are available in open and snap-lock styles. Open clevis hooks consist of an open hook. Snap-lock clevis hooks, on the other feature, feature a locking mechanism on the hook.

You can see an example of a snap-lock clevis hook in the photo above. The locking mechanism only works in a single direction. You can push it open, but you can’t pull it open. Therefore, it adds another level of security to the object or objects being lifted.

Easy to Connect

When compared to other types of hooks, clevis hooks are easier to connect. They feature a U-shaped opening directly below the clevis pin. You can connect a chain to a clevis hook by running it through this U-shaped opening.

Many businesses prefer clevis hooks over other types of hooks because they are easy to connect. Clevis hooks support chains, ropes and other rigging attachments through the U-shaped opening.


Most clevis hooks feature a pivoting action. They don’t remain static. With their pivoting action, clevis hooks can move from side to side.

It’s important to note that clevis hooks aren’t classified as swiveling hooks. Swiveling hooks can swivel in a complete 360 degrees. Clevis hooks are only able to move from side to side. Nonetheless, their lateral pivoting action reduces the chance of chain tangles and other problems during lifting.

High Load Limit

You can rest assured knowing that clevis hooks have a high load limit. Load limit, of course, refers to the maximum amount of weight that a hook can safely support.

Some clevis hooks have a load limit of 4,000 pounds. Others have a load limit of over 6,000 pounds. Regardless, clevis hooks might be small, but they feature a heavy-duty design that allows for a high load limit.

For commercial lifting applications, you can’t go wrong with a clevis hook. They are available in open and snap-clock styles, easy to connect, feature a pivoting action and have a high load limit.

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