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Zinc-Plated vs Powder-Coated Steel Hooks: Which Is Best?

Steel hooks offer a convenient hanging solution. You can install them in your garage, closet, kitchen, shed, workplace and just about anywhere else. Consisting of a U-shaped piece of steel, steel hooks provide a stable place from which to hang … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Steel Hooks

Steel hooks offer a convenient hanging solution. You can install them on walls, furniture and other stable surfaces. Once installed, you can hang objects on the steel hooks. While they all feature a steel construction, however, there are different types … Read More

The Complete Guide to Magnetic Hooks

You don’t have to drive screws or other fasteners into walls to install a hook. While some hooks do, in fact, require the use of traditional fasteners, magnetic hooks do not. Whether you’re planning to use them in your home, … Read More

How to Choose a Clevis Slip Hook

Clevis slip hooks are commonly used to secure loads. They feature a heavy-duty hook and a clevis pin. The clevis pin is removable. Inserting the clevis pin through the top of the hook will result in a U-shaped point. Cables … Read More

5 Benefits of Magnetic Hooks

There are different types of hooks. While many of them feature a screw- or bolt-based mounting system, others do not. Magnetic hooks, for instance, feature a magnet. You can place them on any ferromagnetic surface. As long as a surface … Read More

How to Choose a Steel Hook: What You Should Know

Are you looking to buy one or more steel hooks? While hooks are available in a variety of materials, steel has become one of the most popular materials in which they are made. Steel hooks are strong, durable, long-lasting and … Read More

What Are the Benefits of Clevis Hooks?

Clevis hooks are commonly used in commercial lifting applications. As their name suggests, they feature a clevis pin. You can find the clevis pin at the top of a clevis hook. It’s a bolt-like piece of hardware that runs through … Read More