The Complete Guide to Magnetic Hooks

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You don’t have to drive screws or other fasteners into walls to install a hook. While some hooks do, in fact, require the use of traditional fasteners, magnetic hooks do not. Whether you’re planning to use them in your home, garage or place of business, magnetic hooks are undoubtedly convenient. Here’s everything you need to know about magnetic hooks.

What Are Magnetic Hooks?

Magnetic hooks are exactly what they sound like: hooks with a magnetic base. As shown in the adjacent photo, they look like most other wall-mounted hooks. They feature a hooked arm on which you can hang tools and objects. Magnetic hooks simply feature a magnetic base.

How Magnetic Hooks Work

All magnetic hooks use a magnetic force to cling to ferrous surfaces. The disc-shaped base is typically made of a magnetic material, such as a combination of iron oxide and strontium carbonate. With its integrated ceramic magnetic, it will cling to ferrous surfaces.

Ceramic magnets, of course, are permanent magnets. They will constantly produce a magnetic field — even in the absence of an inducing field.

The disc-shaped base is connected to a hook. After attaching the disc-shaped base to a ferrous surface, you can hang tools and other items on the hook. Magnetic hooks will generate a magnetic field that holds the disc to the ferrous surface.

Why Choose Magnetic Hooks

Considering that there are other types of hooks available, you might be wondering why you should choose magnetic hooks. When compared to fastener-installed hooks, magnetic hooks are more convenient. They don’t require any tools to install. As there’s a ferrous surface nearby, such as a stud within a wall, a magnetic hook will cling to it.

Magnetic hooks won’t damage your walls. Many homeowners, as well as business owners, are hesitant to install traditional hooks, fearing the fasteners will damage their walls. Magnetic hooks don’t use fasteners; they rely entirely on their magnetic properties to stick to walls.

You can easily move magnetic hooks. If you want to use a magnetic hook on a different wall, just pull it off. They produce a strong magnetic field, but you can still pull them off with relative ease. And once removed, you can transfer the magnetic hook to a different wall.

In Conclusion

There are different types of hooks. While some of them use fasteners to secure themselves to walls, magnetic hooks do not. Magnetic hooks feature a disc-shaped base that generates a magnetic field. You can attach them to walls and other ferrous surfaces.

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