Non-Locking vs Locking Drawer Slides

Regardless of the material from which they are made, all drawer slides fall into one of two categories: non-locking or locking. They are both used to facilitate the opening and closing of drawers. After mounting a pair of drawer slides … Read More

Drawer Slides and Travel Distance: What You Should Know

When shopping for drawer slides, you may come across the term “travel distance.” Drawer slides are commonly used in cabinets, tool benches and other storage solutions. They consist of rails with ball bearings. As their name suggests, they are used … Read More

Choosing the Right Drawer Slide Finish

Slides are an essential part of all drawers. From cabinets and chests of drawers to workbenches and toolboxes, they are runners that allow drawers to open and close. When you pull open a drawer, it will glide along a pair … Read More

Did You Know? How Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Are Mounted

There’s no denying the fact that ball bearing drawer slides are popular. When compared to wheel-based drawer slides, they have a smoother operation that makes them easier to use. Ball bearing drawer slides are characterized by the use of balls. … Read More

How to Choose the Right Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are an important component in many types of furniture. You can find them in cabinets, dressers, hutches and chests of drawers Drawer slides live up to their namesake by serving as the tails on which drawers slide. You … Read More

An Introduction to Drawer Slides

You can’t add drawers to a piece of furniture without using drawer slides. When building dressers, chest of drawers, nightstands and even workstations, you’ll need to use drawer slides. Each drawer requires the use of a pair of drawer slides. … Read More