How to Choose a Clevis Slip Hook

Clevis slip hook by Monroe

Clevis slip hooks are commonly used to secure loads. They feature a heavy-duty hook and a clevis pin. The clevis pin is removable. Inserting the clevis pin through the top of the hook will result in a U-shaped point. Cables or chains can be attached to the U-shaped point.

While all clevis slip hooks feature a heavy-duty hook and a clevis pin, not all of them are the same. There are different types of clevis slip hooks. Here are some tips on how to choose a clevis slip hook.

Working Load Limit

Different types of clevis slip hooks have a different working load limit. The working load limit is the maximum amount of weight that a clevis slip hook can safely handle under normal operating conditions. Some clevis slip hooks have a working load limit of 1,300 pounds, whereas others have a working load limit of 2,650 pounds.

Supported Chain Grade

You should consider the supported chain grade when choosing a clevis slip hook. Like other hooks, clevis slip hooks are typically used with a chain. You can connect a chain to the U-shaped attachment point.

Chains are often classified according to their grade. Common chain grades include 30, 43 and 70. Generally speaking, the higher the chain grade, the stronger it will be. If you’re going to use a chain with a clevis slip hook, you should check to see what chain grade it supports.

Open vs Closed

There are open clevis slip hooks, and there are closed clevis slip hooks. Open clevis slip hooks feature an open design. The hook isn’t completely closed. Rather, there’s a portion of the hook that’s open.

Closed clevis slip hooks feature a closed design. At the top of a closed clevis slip hook is a latch. You can push the latch in to temporarily open the hook. Closed clevis slip hooks are more secure than their open counterparts, but they are slightly more tedious to use.


You can’t choose the right clevis slip hook without considering the size. Clevis slip hooks are available in different sizes. If you’re going to buy a clevis slip hook, you’ll need to ensure that it’s the correct size.

Check the length, depth and height when ordering a clevis slip hook. Bigger isn’t always better. While large clevis slip hooks may have a higher working load limit, they require larger chains.

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