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  • Overview of Splice Types for Vulcanized Gaskets

    Overview of Splice Types for Vulcanized Gaskets0

    Vulcanization is a common manufacturing process used to create gaskets. It involves the use of heat, adhesive and pressure to bond two ends of rubber together. The combination of these three elements essentially fuses the rubber together, thereby forming a single and solid gasket. Vulcanized gaskets, however, are available in different splice types. Below are

  • Gasket Materials: What Are Gaskets Made Of?

    Gasket Materials: What Are Gaskets Made Of?0

    Gaskets play an important role in the function of many machines. From lathes and milling machines to forklifts and automobiles, they allow for a leak-proof mating surface between two or more parts. Machines, of course, often contain fluids or gases. To prevent these fluids or gases from escaping, gaskets are used. While all gaskets are

  • What Is a Flange Gasket?

    What Is a Flange Gasket?0

    When shopping for gaskets, you may come across flange gaskets. They are one of the most common types of gaskets. Flange gaskets work like other gaskets by sealing the surface on which they are used. They are known as “flange gaskets,” however, because they are intended for use on a flanged surface. Overview of Flange

  • What Are O-Rings Made Of?

    What Are O-Rings Made Of?0

    Also known as a toric joint, an O-ring is a gasket consisting of a circular, ring-shaped piece of material. Like other gaskets, it’s used to create a seal. When two parts are joined together, they may be fitted with an O-ring to prevent pressurized liquids or gases from leaking. To create an effective seal, though,

  • How Gaskets Are Used in the Manufacturing Industry

    How Gaskets Are Used in the Manufacturing Industry0

    A gasket is a key component used in the manufacturing industry. It’s used to create a seal between two or more surface, preventing leakage of air and/or liquids. In some manufacturing processes, the two surfaces can be secured together without the need for a gasket. If the surfaces are flawed or under pressure, however, a

  • What is an O-Ring?

    What is an O-Ring?0

    An o-ring, also known as a toric joint, is a special type of gasket that’s shaped like a loop with a round cross-section. It’s designed for use inside of a groove, where it’s compressed during assembly to achieve a secure seal. To learn more about o-rings and how they work, keep reading. While there are