Gasket Strips: A Versatile Sealing Solution

Gasket strips by Monroe Engineering

Gaskets are often the first and last line of defense against leaks. They are used to seal mating surfaces. When two parts are placed together, they’ll create a mating surface. Pressurized oil, coolant or gases may leak out of this mating surface.

To protect against leaks, gaskets are often used. A gasket is simply a mechanical seal. While some gaskets are pre-cut, though, others come in strips. Known as gasket strips, they offer a versatile sealing solution.

What Are Gasket Strips?

Gasket strips are exactly what they sound like: strips of a gasket material. They typically come in rolls. After cutting a gasket strip from this roll, you can use it to seal a mating surface.

All gaskets are designed to protect against leaks — and gasket strips are no exception. They simply come in rolls, which you can cut into strips. Pre-cut gaskets, in comparison, come in specific shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Using Gasket Strips

With gasket strips, you’ll have the freedom to create your own gaskets in any size. If you need to cover a large area, you can create a long gasket strip. As previously mentioned, gasket strips come in rolls. Just measure the area that requires sealing, and then cut a gasket strip in this length.

You can find gasket strips in many of the same leakproof materials as traditional pre-cut gaskets. Some of them are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE gasket strips are highly effective at protecting against leaks. You can also find gasket strips in nitrile rubber, silicone and plastic polymers.

Some gasket strips have a self-adhesive backing. In other words, the backside is coated in an adhesive. Peeling the protective film off the backside will reveal the adhesive. You can then press the gasket against the mating surface to seal it.

While gasket strips are commonly used to seal machinery parts, you can use them as weatherstripping as well. Gasket strips can seal doors, windows, attics and other spaces. You can use them in your home or place of business. If you discover a draft, simply cut a gasket strip and install it in the given area. When used as weatherstripping, gasket strips can reduce energy usage while lowering your heating and cooling costs.

In Conclusion

Not all gaskets are pre-cut. In addition to pre-cut gaskets, there are gasket strips. Gasket strips are rolls that you can cut to create your own custom gaskets

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