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What Are Inflatable Gaskets?

Not all gaskets are solid. Some of them are hollow to accommodate air. Known as inflatable gaskets, they offer excellent sealing capabilities. As you inflate one of these gaskets with air, it will expand. This expansion will help to fill … Read More

Window Gaskets: The Perfect Sealing Solution for Windows

For a more energy-efficient home or business, look no further than window gaskets. Research shows that windows contribute to 4% of heat gain during the summer and 8% of heat loss during the winter. Windows with gaps or openings around … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Flange Gaskets

When connecting two or more sections of pipe together, you may want to use a flange gasket. Flange gaskets offer a reliable mechanical seal. Thanks to their flared or “flanged” design, they cover a large surface area — all while … Read More

What Is Rubber Sheeting Used For?

Rubber sheeting is a versatile product that’s used in dozens of applications. As the name suggests, it consists of sheets of rubber. Rubber sheeting may feature plain silicone or neoprene sheets, or may feature fiber-reinforced rubber sheets. What is rubber … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Die-Cut Gaskets

Gaskets are one of the most common types of mechanical seals on the planet. They are used to seal mating surfaces in engines, machines, windows and more. Gaskets, however, are manufactured in different ways. While some of them are manufactured … Read More

What Are Dovetail Gaskets?

When shopping for gaskets, you may stumble upon dovetail gaskets. They are used to seal two or more mating surfaces. Many machines rely on gaskets to prevent leaks from occurring. Dovetail gaskets are used to seal two or more mating … Read More

Gasket Strips: A Versatile Sealing Solution

Gaskets are often the first and last line of defense against leaks. They are used to seal mating surfaces. When two parts are placed together, they’ll create a mating surface. Pressurized oil, coolant or gases may leak out of this … Read More