Window Gaskets: The Perfect Sealing Solution for Windows

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For a more energy-efficient home or business, look no further than window gaskets. Research shows that windows contribute to 4% of heat gain during the summer and 8% of heat loss during the winter. Windows with gaps or openings around the frame allow air-conditioned or heated air to escape, resulting in higher utility bills. You can install gaskets, however, to eliminate this otherwise common cause of energy loss.

Overview of Window Gaskets

Window gaskets are seals that are designed to fill the space around windows. They are designed to prevent air and moisture from leaking around windows. Window gaskets are made of flexible materials that, when compressed, create an air-tight seal.

Common materials in which window gaskets are made include the following:

  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Foam
  • Vinyl

Why You Should Install Window Gaskets

Air drafts are common around windows. Most windows don’t offer a perfect seal with the surrounding frame. Even if you fully close a window, it may leak. During the summer, air-conditioned air from inside of your home or business may leak through this space. During the winter, heated air may leak through this space. Regardless, you’ll end up paying more to heat and cool your home or business.

By installing window gaskets, you’ll save money on energy expenses. It costs money in the form of energy to heat and cool an indoor space. Heating and cooling, in fact, is the biggest source of energy consumption in a typical home or building. Window gaskets will alleviate this financial burden by preventing air leaks.

In addition to preventing air leaks, window gaskets can keep out moisture. There’s always moisture floating around in the form of humidity. Gaps around windows will allow some of this moisture to enter your home or business. Window gaskets, though, offer a solution. They will keep out both air and moisture while creating a more energy-efficient indoor space in the process.

Common Types of Window Gaskets

There are many different types of window gaskets. One of the most common types is P-seal gaskets. P-seal gaskets are characterized by the use of a round bulb that’s connected to a flat stem.

There are also D-seal gaskets. D-seal gaskets feature a similar round bulb as their P-seal counterparts, but they lack the flat stem. Finally, there are E-seal gaskets. E-seal gaskets feature a grooved design that’s shaped like the letter E.

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