Top 5 Benefits of Using Arrow Ties

Arrow tie by Monroe Engineering

Have you heard of arrow ties? As shown in the adjacent photo, they are arrow-shaped ties. You can use them to quickly secure bags, cables or other objects together. Arrow ties feature teeth along the shaft. After wrapping an arrow tie around an object, you can pull the pointed head through the holes at the opposite end. While there are other types of ties available, arrow ties offer several benefits.

#1) Reusable

Unlike most zip ties, arrow ties are reusable. You can use them multiple times. Once you’ve pulled the tip of an arrow tie through the holes at the opposite end, you can remove it. All arrow ties are reusable. You can simply pull the tip out of the holes, at which point it will release from the object.

#2) Protection From Damage

You can rest assured knowing that arrow ties won’t damage the objects with which you use them. They are made of a special type of plastic known as high-density polyethylene. Arrow ties still have teeth, but the teeth — as well as the shaft and pointed end — are all made of this same type of plastic. And unlike metal teeth, plastic teeth won’t scrape or otherwise damage objects. The plastic teeth will protect the objects from damage.

#3) Ultra-Strong

Arrow ties are incredibly strong. They have a higher holding strength than traditional zip ties and other types of ties. Holding strength is the amount of force to which they can be exposed without breaking. With a high holding strength, arrow ties can withstand more pounds per square inch (PSI) of force than other types of ties.

#4) Rustproof

There’s no chance of arrow ties rusting. Thanks to their high-density polyethylene construction, they are immune to rusting and other forms of corrosion. You can use arrow ties in moist and humid environments. Even when directly exposed to water, they won’t rust. Arrow ties are completely immune to rusting and corrosion. And when combined with their reusable properties, they are well worth the investment.

#5) Quick and Easy to Use

Of course, arrow ties are quick and easy to use as well. They don’t require any special tools. You can even use arrow ties while wearing gloves. You just need to wrap them around an object, followed by pulling the pointed tip through the holes at the opposite end. If you’re tired of using tools to secure ties around the objects, you may want to choose arrow ties.

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