5 Benefits of Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hook by Monroe

There are different types of hooks. While many of them feature a screw- or bolt-based mounting system, others do not. Magnetic hooks, for instance, feature a magnet. You can place them on any ferromagnetic surface. As long as a surface features a ferromagnetic metal — steel, iron, cobalt, manganese, etc. — it will support magnetic hooks. Here are five benefits of magnetic hooks.

#1) No Drilling Required

You don’t have to drill any holes to install magnetic hooks. Traditional wall hooks, on the other hand, often require drilling. You may have to drill several holes into the wall, after which you can connect the hook with a set of threaded fasteners. Magnetic hooks offer an easier solution. Rather than drilling holes, you can place the magnetic hooks directly on the wall. If there’s a magnetic stud behind the wall, the magnetic hooks will stay in place.

#2) Easy to Move

Magnetic hooks are easy to move. Maybe you want to raise a magnetic hook, or perhaps you want to move it to a different wall or surface. Magnetic hooks don’t have any threaded fasteners, so you don’t need a screwdriver or other tools to move them. You can move a magnetic hook by pulling it off the surface and placing it on a different surface.

#3) Strong

Even without any screws or bolts, magnetic holds are strong. Some of them have a load capacity of 10 or 20 pounds. You can hang them in your garage, office, workshop or elsewhere. On each magnetic hook, you can hang small items. Magnetic hooks are strong, and they can support many different small items.

#4) Multiple Hook Styles

Magnetic hooks are available in multiple hook styles. Some of them feature a single hook, whereas others feature two hooks. You can even find magnetic hooks in different colors. Beige and black is a popular color combination. There are magnetic hooks with a beige backing and a black hook. Alternatively, you may want to choose ivory-colored magnetic hooks.

#5) Rust Resistant

Rust isn’t a problem with magnetic hooks. Most magnetic hooks are designed to withstand moisture and humidity. Many of them feature zinc plating, for example. Zinc plating consists of a layer of zinc over the surface of a magnetic hook. Zinc plating protects the underlying metal from moisture and humidity. If you’re planning to use magnetic hooks outdoors or in a humid environment, you may want to choose zinc-plated magnetic hooks.

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