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  • How to Choose Instrument Knobs

    How to Choose Instrument Knobs0

    Are you looking to buy instrument knobs? If so, you’ll need to choose the right type. Also known as control knobs, instrument knobs are used to manually control machines and devices. They consist of a circular-shaped handle that you can grip and turn to adust the machine or device to which they are connected. There

  • The Different Types of Handles for Quick Release Pins

    The Different Types of Handles for Quick Release Pins0

    You can’t shop for quick release pins without considering the handle type. While all quick release pins have a handle, the shape and design of their respective handles can vary. There are several different types of handles found on quick release pins. By familiarizing yourself with them, you can choose the right quick release handle.

  • What Are Ball Plug Gages?

    What Are Ball Plug Gages?0

    Ball plug gages are commonly used with many industrial machines. You can find them on lathes, milling machines, computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machines and more. As shown in the adjacent photo, ball plug gages feature a relatively simple. They essentially consist of a long rod with a single ball connected at each end. What are ball

  • Adjustable Glides for Leveling Feet

    Adjustable Glides for Leveling Feet0

    Have you come across leveling feet with adjustable glides? They are commonly used on chairs, desks, chests of drawers, recliners and other types of furniture. Not all leveling feet have adjustable glides, though. Rather, many of them consist of a traditional design without any glides. What are adjustable glides exactly, and how do they work

  • What Is a Music Wire Spring?

    What Is a Music Wire Spring?0

    Have you come across music wire springs? If so, you might be wondering how they differ from other types of springs. Music wire springs are devices that are used to store mechanical energy. You can find them in a variety of sizes. Music wire springs, however, feature a unique design that distinguishes them from other

  • What Are Detent Position Hinges?

    What Are Detent Position Hinges?0

    Hinges are a common component used doors, cabinets and other types of furniture. Consisting of a mechanical bearing — typically with two leafs, a knuckle and a pin — they are designed to offer a limited angle of rotation when installed. Installing a hinge on a door, for example, will allow you to open the