5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hydraulic Clamp

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Hydraulic clamps offer an easy and effective way to perform pressing processes. They are mechanical devices that use some type of liquid, such as oil, to clamp a workpiece with pressure. While all hydraulic clamps are designed for pressing processes, they are available in different types. Below are five things to consider when choosing a hydraulic clamp.

#1) Pressing Force

You should consider the pressing force when choosing a hydraulic clamp. As previously mentioned, all hydraulic clamps apply pressure, which is essentially how they press workpieces. The amount of pressure a hydraulic clamp applies is measured in its pressure force. Some hydraulic clamps produce 3,000 pounds of pressing force, whereas others produce 5,000 or more pounds of pressing force.

#2) Installation

Different hydraulic clamps require different methods of installation. For most types, you’ll install them by mounting them on a workbench or similar stable surface with fasteners. Installation requires the use of bolts. Bolts are fasteners that you use to mount a hydraulic clamp to a stable surface. When shopping for a hydraulic clamp, you should consider the installation method.

#3) Clamping Arm Direction

When choosing a hydraulic clamp, you should consider the direction in which the clamping arm moves. The clamping arm, of course, is the top part of a hydraulic clamp. It’s responsible for applying the pressing force while subsequently pressing the workpiece. The clamping arm, however, may move in either a clockwise or a counter-clockwise direction. With that said, some hydraulic clamps have an adjustable clamping arm, meaning you can change it to a clockwise or a counter-clockwise direction.

#4) Size

Of course, you should consider the size of a hydraulic clamp. Hydraulic clamps are available in different sizes. Some of them are small, whereas others are larger. The size of a hydraulic clamp will ultimately determine the size of the workpieces that it supports. If you’re planning to press a large workpiece, you may need an equally large hydraulic clamp.

#5) Support for Accessories

There are accessories available for many hydraulic clamps. You might want to use a booster or pump with a hydraulic clamp, for instance. These accessories can improve the performance and versatility of the hydraulic clamp. With that said, not all hydraulic clamps support accessories such as these. If you’re planning to use accessories with it, you’ll need to choose a hydraulic clamp that supports them. By taking into account pressing force, installation method, clamping arm direction, size and support for accessories, you can choose the perfect hydraulic clamp for your workplace.

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