What Are Loose Joint Hinges?

Loose joint hinge by Monroe Engineering

Loose joint hinges have become a popular alternative to traditional hinges. They are still used to connect two objects, and they still allow one or both of the connected objects to rotate. Loose joint hinges, however, feature a unique design that’s not found in their traditional counterparts. What are loose joint hinges exactly?

Overview of Loose Joint Hinges

Also known as slip hinges, loose joint hinges are characterized by their use of a vertical pin. A pin is inserted through the center of both leafs, which essentially holds the leafs together. Other hinges consist of two leafs and a pin as well. But loose hinges are different because the pin is only fixed to one of the leafs.

One of the two leafs will feature a stationary pin. When installing a loose joint hinge, you’ll need to slide the other leaf through this stationary pin. The pin will remain in the center of both leafs, but it will only be permanently secured to one of the leafs. That’s essentially how loose joint hinges differ from traditional hinges.

How Loose Joint Hinges Work

Loose joint hinges work like other hinges by allowing for a fixed degree of rotation. Many doors, for instance, feature between two to four loose joint hinges. They are installed vertically along the inner side of the door where they connect the door to the frame. The only difference is that loose joint hinges feature a stationary pin that’s permanently secured to a single leaf.

Benefits of Loose Joint Hinges

Loose joint hinges allow for the removal of connected objects without removing the leafs. When installed on a door, for example, the door can be removed by lifting up on it. You won’t have to remove the loose joint hinges to remove the door. Lifting up on the door will separate the two leafs. One of the leafs will be attached to the door — even after you remove it — while the other lead will remain attached to the wall.

You can find loose joint hinges available in different materials. Some of them are made of stainless steel, whereas others are made of carbon steel. Stainless steel loose joint hinges are ideal for humid environments. They can withstand humidity and moisture without suffering from corrosion. Carbon steel loose joint hinges, on the other hand, are stronger. With their increased strength, they can typically support more weight than stainless steel loose joint hinges.