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5 Facts About Continuous Hinges: Everything You Need to Know

When shopping for hinges, you may come across continuous hinges. They are mechanical bearings that allow a limited angle of rotation between two objects. You can install them on doors, gates, cabinets and other objects. Continuous hinges work like most … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Door Hinges

Hinges are commonly used to connect doors to frames. Typically consisting of two leafs and a pin-secured knuckle, they allow for a limited angle of rotation. You can connect a door to the surrounding frame with a set of hinges. … Read More

What Are Cam Lift Hinges?

When most people think of hinges, they envision traditional door hinges consisting of two uniform leafs with an integrated knuckle in the center. Door hinges such as these are undoubtedly common, but there are other types of hinges available, such … Read More

What Are Lift-Off Hinges?

Hinges are one of the world’s most commonly used mechanical bearings. They are used to create a limited angle of rotation between two objects, such as a door and a frame. While most hinges feature two leafs and a pin-secured … Read More

What Is the Pitch of a Hinge?

You should consider the pitch when choosing a hinge. Hinges are available in sizes. Some of them have bigger leafs than others. The knuckle, however, may also vary in size. Most hinges consist of two leafs and a knuckle. By … Read More

What Is a Counter-Flap Hinge and How Does It Work?

When researching the different types of hinges, you may encounter counter-flap. They are used to join two surfaces while simultaneously allowing a limited angle of rotation between them. Counter-flap hinges, however, feature a unique design. They don’t have a central … Read More

What Are Concealed Hinges and How Do They Work?

Hinges play an important role in many pieces of furniture. Cabinets, dressers, chests of drawers and nightstands often feature hinges. These mechanical bearings allow their respective doors to swing open. Rather than using standard hinges, though, some furniture pieces feature … Read More

Piano Hinges: What Are They Made Of?

Some hinges have longer leafs than others. Piano hinges, for instance, are designed to run the entire length of the surfaces on which they are installed. They are known as “piano hinges” because they were originally used on piano lids. … Read More

What Are Layered Hinges?

If you’re looking for hinges to use on a truck or trailer, you may want to choose layered hinges. They offer a superior level of strength. You can use layered hinges on trucks and trailers. With their layered design, they … Read More