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The Benefits of Brass Hinges

You can’t ignore the material when choosing hinges. Hinges are available in many different materials. Some of them are made of aluminum, whereas others are made of steel. You can even find hinges made of brass. What are the benefits … Read More

What Are Adjusting Inserts for Plastic Hinges?

If you’re tired of installing door hinges, only to discover that they are misaligned, adjustable inserts may be the answer. They come with certain types of plastic hinges, such as CFR Adjustable Hinges sold here at Monroe. They still feature … Read More

5 Reasons to Choose Weld-On Hinges Over Traditional Hinges

Weld-on hinges have become a popular alternative to traditional hinges. They are still used as mechanical bearings. Once installed, weld-on hinges will allow a limited angle of rotation between two objects, such as a door and the surrounding frame. While … Read More

What Are Double-Action Spring Door Hinges?

Double-action spring door hinges are commonly used in workplaces, businesses and public facilities. They allow for an omnidirectional swinging action. Doors installed with double-action spring door hinges will swing in both ways. For a better understanding of double-action spring door … Read More

5 Facts About Friction Hinges

Friction hinges offer a unique alternative to traditional hinges. They still consist of mechanical bearings, and they are still used to provide a limited angle of rotation between two objects. Only friction hinges, however, leverage friction to create resistance against … Read More

6 Facts About Cabinet Hinges

Hinges aren’t used exclusively with doors. Another common application for these mechanical bearings is cabinetry. You can them to open cabinets and cupboards. Here are six facts about cabinet hinges and how they work. #1) Easy to Install You don’t … Read More

What Are Adjustable Friction Hinges and How Do They Work?

Have you heard of adjustable friction hinges? Like all hinges, they are used to create a mechanical joint that connects two objects, such as a door and an adjacent frame. They feature two leafs, each of which is installed on … Read More