5 Things to Consider When Choosing Steel Hooks

Steel hook by Monroe

Steel hooks offer a convenient hanging solution. You can install them on walls, furniture and other stable surfaces. Once installed, you can hang objects on the steel hooks. While they all feature a steel construction, however, there are different types of steel hooks. Here are five important things to consider when choosing steel hooks.

#1) Finish Type

You should consider the finish when choosing steel hooks. For additional protection against corrosion and damage, steel hooks often feature a finish. Some of them are powder coated, for instance, whereas others are zinc plated. Powder-coated steel hooks feature a thin outer layer of hardened powder particles. Zinc-plated steel hooks, in comparison, feature an outer layer of zinc.

#2) Mounting Requirements

Don’t forget to check the mounting requirements when choosing steel hooks. With the exception of magnetic steel hooks, most steel hooks are mounted with a set of screws. You’ll need to drive a set of screws through the steel hooks’ holes and into the underlying wall or surface. But the size and number of the screws needed to mount steel hooks may vary.

#3) Style

Steel hooks are available in different styles. There are basic styles consisting of the hook itself with a set of fastener holes, and there are more complex styles with built-in mounting plates. The presence of a mounting plate will stabilize the hook. Nonetheless, some people prefer the simplicity of a basic steel hook without a built-in mounting plate.

#4) Size

Don’t forget to consider the size. You can find steel hooks in different sizes. Some of them are longer than others, and some steel hooks have a larger hook opening than others. The hook opening, of course, refers to the size of the opening itself. With a large hook opening, you’ll be able to hang large objects. A small opening, though, will take up less space on the wall or surface on which you mount it.

#5) Load Capacity

You can’t ignore the load capacity when choosing steel hooks. Load capacity is exactly what it sounds like: the maximum amount of weight that a steel hook can safely support. Exceeding this limit may result in damage. If a steel hook has a 50-pound load capacity, you should avoid hanging objects weighing over 50 pounds on it. Staying within the hook’s load capacity will ensure a safe operation.

By considering the finish type, mounting requirements, style, size and load capacity, you can choose the right steel hooks.

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