What Are T-Type Door Holders?

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Door holders are commonly used in both commercial and residential applications. As their name suggests, they are designed to hold open doors. You can install a door holder on a door, after which you can use it to keep the door open. While there are different types of door holders, T-type is one of the most popular.

Overview of T-Type Door Holders

T-type door holders are characterized by the use of a T-shaped bar. They consist of two parts: A T-shaped bar and a latching point. After opening a door, you can slide the former part into the latter part so that the door stays open.

How to Use a T-Type Door Holder

Before you can use a T-type door holder, you’ll need to install it. Fortunately, they are easy to install. The T-shaped bar and latching point have screw holes. You can install a T-type door holder by driving screws through these holes.

After installing a T-type door holder, you can use it to by sliding the T-shaped bar into the latching point. As long as the latching point is mounted to the door, it will hold the door open. You can then close the door by pulling the T-shaped bar out of the latching point.

T-Type vs Plunger Door Holders

In addition to T-type door holders, there are plunger door holders. You can use either of them to hold open doors. T-type and plunder door holders simply feature a different design.

T-type door holders, of course, have a T-shaped bar and a latching point. Plunger door holders, on the other hand, have a plunger and a socket. All plunger door holders contain these two parts. They contain a plunger and socket, which they use to hold open doors.

The plunger is a rod-like part, whereas the socket is a circular part that’s designed to support the plunger. You’ll need to mount the plunger on the front of the door, and you’ll need to mount the socket on a separate wall or surface behind the door. Pushing the door all the way open will force the plunger into the socket, at which point the door should stay open until you pull it closed.

In Conclusion

There are different types of door holders. T-type door holders feature a T-shaped bar. You can use them by sliding this bar into the latching point. With the T-shaped bar fully extended, it will prop and hold the door open.

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