What Are Adjusting Inserts for Plastic Hinges?

Adjustable Inserts for Hinges

If you’re tired of installing door hinges, only to discover that they are misaligned, adjustable inserts may be the answer. They come with certain types of plastic hinges, such as CFR Adjustable Hinges sold here at Monroe. They still feature two leafs and a formed knuckle. CFR Adjustable Hinges, however, come with a set of adjusting inserts. As the name suggests, you can use these adjusting inserts to adjust and refine the hinges.

Overview of Adjusting Inserts

Adjusting inserts are small square-shaped caps that are designed for use in select hinges, such as CFR Adjustable Hinges. You can see an example of them in the photo above. This photo depicts a typical CFR Adjustable Hinge. At the bottom of the hinge is a pair of detached adjusting inserts. The adjusting inserts are designed to fit into the holes or slots in the hinge leaf.

How Adjusting Inserts Work

How do adjusting inserts work exactly? They may look like simple pieces of plastic, but they support different orientations. You can change their orientation or position by turning them.

Depending on the way in which a hinge is misaligned, you may be able to fix it with vertical or horizontal adjusting inserts. Just place the adjusting inserts in the hinge’s open slots, followed by turning the adjusting inserts to the vertical or horizontal position.

On the back of the adjusting inserts is knurling. It’s not completely smooth and flat. Rather, the back is textured and knurled. This knurling will hold the adjusting inserts in place. If you set a hinge to the vertical position, it will remain in the vertical position.

Benefits of Adjusting Inserts

With adjusting inserts, you can say “goodbye” to misaligned doors. Hinges are commonly used to connect doors to the surrounding frames. Whether you’re installing an interior or exterior door, you’ll typically need to use a set of about three hinges. The problem with traditional hinges, though, is that they may leave a gap between the door itself and the frame. Adjusting inserts solve this problem by allowing you to set a position.

CFR Adjustable Hinges are also strong and lightweight. They are made of a special type of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide (PA) technopolymer. This is the same material used in the construction of the adjusting inserts as well.

With their PA construction, CFA Adjusting Hinges and their included adjusting inserts are resistant to corrosion. You can use them indoors or outdoors. Even when exposed to moisture, they won’t rust or otherwise corrode.

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