5 Facts About Demagnetizers

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Need to remove a magnetic field from tools or workpieces? Look no further than a demagnetizer. Demagnetizers are devices that, as the name suggests, are designed to demagnetize objects. Also known as degaussers, they work by changing the orientation of the electrons within an object. While you may already the general purpose of demagnetizers, though, there are probably some things you don’t know about them.

#1) Manual and Electric Styles

Demagnetizers are available in manual and electric styles. Manual demagnetizers consist of small, handheld devices with an opening. They are typically designed for use with small objects, such as screws and bolts. As you move a small object through the opening, it will become demagnetized. Electric demagnetizers are larger and more powerful electromagnets. They typically require a corded connection to a wall outlet, which allows for stronger demagnetization.

#2) Electric Demagnetizers Leverage AC

Electric demagnetizers leverage alternating current (AC) to demagnetize objects. Some of them produce 120VAC, whereas others produce 240VAC or 480VAC. You can even find electric demagnetizers with an adjustable VAC. Regardless, they produce and apply AC to objects. Exposure to this AC will result in the loss of a magnetic field.

#3) Some Can Also Magnetize

While the primary purpose of demagnetizers is to demagnetize objects, some of them can magnetize objects as well. You may discover that some manual demagnetizers have two openings rather than just one. One of the openings may be labeled as “magnetize,” whereas the other opening may be labeled as “demagnetize.” You can run small objects through these openings to magnetize or demagnetize them, respectively.

#4) Used in the Manufacturing Industry

Did you know that demagnetizers are used in the manufacturing industry? Workpieces can often become magnetized during production. Before assembling or shipping them, manufacturers may run expose them to a demagnetizer. Electric demagnetizers are commonly used for this purpose. They can be set up over or alongside conveyor belts where the electric demagnetizers automatically remove the magnetic field from passing workpieces.

#5) Fastest and Easiest Way to Demagnetize Objects

There’s no faster or easier way to demagnetize objects than by using a demagnetizer. There are other ways to demagnetize objects. Exposing an object to heat, for instance, will make its magnetic field weaker. You can even physically strike an object with a tool like a hammer to demagnetize it. With that said, demagnetizers simplify the process of demagnetizing objects. They work automatically to demagnetize objects.

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