Nails Versus Screws-When is it Right to Use a Screw?

Nails Versus Screws-When is it Right to Use a Screw?Need information about fasteners, including the common question of nails versus screws-when is it right to use a screw? Just ask our staff at OneMonroeto help you find the fastener that will work best for your project. Because we’ve been in the fastener business since 1965, we know when it’s time to reach for a nail and when it’s time opt for screws.

We’re happy to pass along our knowledge and more importantly, provide the exact fasteners you need for whatever project you have in the works. So, nails and screws. Each has different advantages, so determining which one to use is typically determined by purpose.

Stainless Steel Nails and Deck Screws

Are you doing basic construction or using adhesives? If so, you might want to use stainless steel nails. Almost all framing, siding and structural jobs use nails.

If you have any outdoor applications, you typically need to use stainless or galvanized nails. However, deck screws are best for pressure treated, composites, or hardwoods. These coated screws resist corrosion. Deck screws are useful for attaching deck boards and outdoor furniture.

You might also want to look at stainless steel staples or stainless steel brads. But don’t forget stainless steel screws which are good when you have forces applied in multiple directions like against a joint, or if there will be weight applied, for example, a bookshelf. Finish nails are your best choice for attaching trim and molding and for assembling furniture.

If you’re not using adhesives, screws may be your best choice. The screw threads can grip the wood, making the joint stronger and secure. A nail might cause the substrates to disconnect.

We have many kinds of screws, including, bonded neoprene sealers, button head, euro screw, flat head, hex sealer, low head, machine screw, pancake head, security screws, self-drilling screws teks, sems screws, sheet metal, tamper-proof fasteners, tapping/sheet metal point styles, thread cutting point styles, thread forming, thumb screw, U drive, wing screws, wood screws. Screws come in different sizes, and sheet metal screws and machine screws come in different alloys.

At OneMonroe in Denver we are all about nails and screws. But which one is right for your project? Nails versus screws-when is it right to use a screw? We can help you determine what’s best and set you up with the perfect fasteners for the job at hand. We carry a vast supply of fastening products and systems perfect for just about every job you can imagine.

At OneMonroe we work with the world’s leading manufacturers of fasteners and fastening systems. We have branches in Grand Junction and Omaha, Nebraska. We are an industrial distributor for the Huck Fastening System, including Magna-Grip, Magna-Bulb, Magna-Lok, C6L, C50L, BOM, Huck Automatic Rivets and Huck Industrial Tooling. Our extensive inventory allows us to give prompt, accurate delivery or special shipment in materials ranging from aluminum to stainless to heat-treated steel fasteners. Give us a call, we’ve got them all.

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