Benefits of Folding T Latches

T-handle latches by Monroe

If you’re looking for a latching mechanism, you may want to choose a T latch. Also known as a T-handle latch, it’s a versatile latching solution. You can use a T latch on vehicle doors, machinery panels, furniture and other objects that require opening. They offer several benefits that make them a popular choice.

Flush Design

Most folding T latches are designed to be flush with the objects with which they are used. They don’t stick or protrude out. As shown in the photo above, folding T latches feature a flush design. This flush design enhances their aesthetics.

Simple Operation

Unlike many other latching mechanisms, folding T handles use a simple method of operation. You can turn a folding T handle to lock or open it. When turned to the locked position, the folding T handle will align with the strike plate. When turned to the opened position, the folding T handle will disengage from the strike plate, allowing you to pull open the object.


Folding T handles offer a high level of security. Many of them are keyed. You’ll need to insert the appropriate key into a folding T handle to open it. Therefore, folding T handles are commonly used to restrict access to certain areas. Only authorized individuals with the key will be open a door or panel if it’s equipped with a locked folding T handle.

Corrosion Resistant

Folding T handles are resistant to corrosion. Even when used outdoors or in other humid environments, they won’t succumb to corrosion. Some folding T handles are made of aluminum, which is naturally resistant to corrosion. Others are made with a corrosion-resistant finish. Regardless, folding T handles can withstand moisture without succumbing to rust or corrosion.


The possibilities are nearly endless when shopping for folding T handles. All folding T handles feature a T-shaped handle that folds down, but you can still find them in many different styles. You can even order custom folding T handles to meet your business’s specific needs. maybe you need a folding T handle in a specific size, or perhaps you want a folding T handle with a particular finish. Regardless, folding T handles are customizable.


Folding T handles will seal the objects with which they are used. Thanks to their clean lines and flush design, they will keep dust, dirt and debris out of the objects. Along with flush design, security, corrosion resistant properties and customization, sealing is just one more reason to choose folding T handles.

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