The Beginner’s Guide to A-Frame Carts

A-Frame Cart by Monroe

If you’re tired of manually carrying around tools or other heavy items, you may want to invest in an A-frame cart. Like all carts, it features a wheeled base. Rather than picking up and carrying the items, you can roll them. The A-frame cart’s wheeled base can protect you from back pain while improving your productivity in the process.

The Basics of A-Frame Carts

A-frame carts are material handling carts consisting of two vertical panels. They are known as “A-frame carts” because they are shaped like the letter “A.” The two vertical panels are tilted at a slight angle, resulting in an A-like shape.

You can load and unload A-frame carts from either side. A-frame carts feature a uniform design that makes loading and unloading a breeze.

Common Features of A-Frame Carts

A-frame carts feature a wheeled base. Around the wheeled base is a protruding rim to further secure items in place. As shown in the photo above, you can place a toolbox or other items on the wheeled base. The protruding rim will help to secure the items in place so that they don’t fall off while in transit.

Most A-frame carts feature swiveling wheels. The wheels will swivel as you push them, allowing you to easily maneuver the A-frame cart.

There are different types of A-frame carts, but many of them feature pegboards. Pegboards, of course, are perforated pieces of material. Some pegboards are made of wood, whereas others are made of metal. Regardless, they are all perforated with a grid-like array of small holes.

The vertical panels of A-frame carts often consist of pegboards. You can customize them with hooks, after which you can hang wrenches or other items on them.

How to Choose an A-Frame Cart

You can find A-frame carts in different styles. Some of them are singled-sided, for instance. Other A-frame carts are double-sided. There are also bin and tool styles available.

In addition to the style, you can find A-frame carts with different load capacities. Common load capacities include 1,000 and 2,000 pounds. When shopping for an A-frame cart, you should choose a load capacity that will accommodate all of the tools and items with which you intend to use it.

A-frame carts are also available in different colors, such as gray, blue and red. The color won’t affect the performance of an A-frame cart, but it will affect the cart’s aesthetics.