Galvanized Strand Wiring: A Versatile Alternative to SS Wiring

Galvanized strand wiring

Wiring is available in a variety of materials. In addition to pure copper and stainless steel, some wiring features a protective coating of zinc. Known as galvanized strand wiring, it’s a versatile alternative to traditional stainless steel wiring.

What Is Galvanized Strand Wiring?

Galvanized strand wiring is a type of wiring that, as the name suggests, has undergone galvanization. Galvanization is a finishing process. It involves the application of a thin protective layer of zinc.

There are several different galvanization methods, one of the most common being the hot-dip method. With the hot-dip method, a metal object — such as stainless steel wiring — is submerged in a bath of molten zinc. The molten zinc will harden as it cools, thus forming a protective layer of zinc over the metal object.

Other galvanization methods include electrogalvanization, in-line galvanization and metallic spraying.

Common Features of Galvanized Strand Wiring

Galvanized strand wiring offers a high level of protection against rust and corrosion — even more so than traditional stainless steel wiring. It’s characterized by a protective layer of zinc. The zinc acts as a physical barrier, separating and protecting the wiring’s stainless steel core from the surrounding environment.

Normally, metals such as stainless steel and iron and susceptible to oxidation. When exposed to oxygen, they will degrade. Oxygen will trigger a chemical reaction known as oxidation that causes them to rust and corrode. Zinc prevents this from happening by shielding the wiring’s stainless steel core.

In addition to offering a high level of protection against rust and corrosion, galvanized strand wiring is strong. It doesn’t feature a solid core. Instead, it features a stranded core consisting of many small strands of stainless steel. This stranded core design results in a stronger, more durable construction.

The zinc layer created via the galvanization process doesn’t just protect against corrosion; it protects against environmental contamination. It will prevent contaminants like oil and chemicals from reaching the wiring’s stainless steel core.

What Is Galvanized Strand Wiring Used For?

Galvanized strand wiring typically isn’t used in electrical applications. Instead, it’s used in construction and industrial applications. It’s commonly used as support cables, for instance. Antenna towers and suspension bridges often feature galvanized strand wiring.

In the aerospace industry, galvanized strand wiring is commonly used as control cables. Landing gear systems, for instance, are often connected to galvanized strand wiring. Thanks to its strong, corrosion-resistant properties, it has a low risk of failure.

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