The Benefits of Using a Compression Latch

Compression latches offer a unique alternative to traditional cam latches. Like all latches, they are used to join two or more objects, such as a door and a door frame. Only compression latches, however, are designed to apply compression to … Read More

Benefits of Folding T Latches

If you’re looking for a latching mechanism, you may want to choose a T latch. Also known as a T-handle latch, it’s a versatile latching solution. You can use a T latch on vehicle doors, machinery panels, furniture and other … Read More

5 Reasons to Choose Slam Latches

Slam latches have become a popular alternative to traditional locking systems for doors and gates. They are commonly used in military and commercial applications. When installed on a door or gate, slam latches will hold them closed. Users can open … Read More

What Are Trigger Latches and How Do They Work?

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What Are Hood Latches?

Under the hood of most cars, trucks, vans and even tractors is a latch. Known as a hood latch, it temporarily holds the hood down. Hood latches are connected to a handle. When you pull or engage the handle, the … Read More

What Are Slam Latches and How Do They Work?

Have you heard of slam hatches? You can use them to easily close doors and cabinets. When installed on a door or cabinet, slam latches will allow you to push the door or cabinet. Pushing the door or cabinet will … Read More