5 Reasons to Choose Slam Latches

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Slam latches have become a popular alternative to traditional locking systems for doors and gates. They are commonly used in military and commercial applications. When installed on a door or gate, slam latches will hold them closed. Users can open the door or gate by pulling it, and they can close the door or gate by pushing it shut. Why should you choose slam latches instead of a traditional locking system exactly?

#1) Hands-Free Closing

One of the main benefits of choosing slam latches is the ability to close doors and gates without actually touching the latch. Traditional locking systems, on the other hand, typically require touching. You may have to flip a traditional locking system so that it holds the door or gate shut. With a slam latch, there’s nothing to touch. They are known as “slam latches” because they lock automatically when the door or gate is pushed or “slammed” shut.

#2) Improved Productivity

Many businesses use slam latches because of the positive impact they have on productivity. The doors to loading docks, storage rooms and other commercial spaces, for instance, may feature slam latches. Workers can move inventory and materials more quickly by pushing the door shut. The end result is improved productivity, which is reason enough for many businesses to choose slam latches over traditional locking systems.

#3) Durable and Long-Lasting

Slam latches are durable and long-lasting. You can find them in different styles, but most of them feature a plastic body. With their plastic body, you don’t have to worry about corrosion degrading them. Even when used in humid or wet environments, slam latches will continue to function as intended without succumbing to the effects of corrosion

#4) Wide Variety

While they all support the same push-to-shut operation, not all slam latches are the same. You can find them in a wide variety of styles. Some of them are bigger than others. Slam latches may also vary in configuration, placement or overall design. Whether you need a slam latch for a lightweight panel or a heavy gate, there’s probably a style that meets your requirement.

#5) Low Maintenance

Slam latches are low maintenance. Once installed, they will continue to provide a convenient and easy locking mechanism — one that doesn’t require manually touching the latch. The only real maintenance that slam latches require is retightening the fasteners. Slam latches are secured in place using fasteners. Over time, these fasteners may become loose, in which case you’ll need to retighten them.

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