6 Common Uses for Footman Loops

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Footman loops are versatile products that support a variety of different applications. Also known as strap loops, they are metal bars. You can install them on just about any flat surface. What are some uses for footman loops exactly? Here are six common applications for footman loops.

#1) Hang Tools or Items

You can hang tools or other items from a footman loop. Footman loops are essentially metal bars. Some of them are made of stainless steel, whereas others are made of carbon steel or even aluminum. Regardless, they are solid bars that, once installed, will support tools or other items.

#2) Tie-Down

For a simple and effective tie-down solution, look no further than a footman loop. You can connect cargo straps or tie-downs to them. This is particularly useful when transporting heavy or bulky items. Items such as these may fall during transit. When used as a tie-down solution, footman loops will help to secure heavy and bulky items. Footman loops are commonly used as tie-down solutions for heavy and bulky items.

#3) Door Handle

You can even use a footman loop as a door handle. Most doors, of course, already have a handle. If you have gate, fence or any other door in need of a handle, though, a footman loop may work. You can install the footman loop on the front of the door, after which you can pull the door open.

#4) Wire and Cable Management

Another common application for footman loops is wire and cable management. Footman loops can be used to secure wires and cables to a surface, such as the interior of a vehicle or boat. This helps to protect the wires and cables from damage while also promoting a neat and organized appearance.

#5) Rigging Boat Sails

Footman loops are commonly used for rigging boat sails. You can use them to attach the luff or leech of a boat sail to the mast or boom. Once connected, you can adjust the tension of the boat sail. Many sailboats feature footman loops specifically for this reason.

#6) Securing Canopies

Footman loops can be used to secure canopies, such as awnings, to a surface. Canopies often require an anchor point. With footman loops, you can create anchor points on just about any flat surface. Traditional footman loops feature through holes on the ends. You can install them by driving fasteners into and through these holes, at which point you’ll have a convenient anchor point for a canopy.

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