What Is a G70 Transport Chain?

G70 transport chain by Monroe

You can’t use just any ordinary chain for towing and lifting heavy objects. Rather, you’ll need to choose a heavy-duty chain that can withstand the weight of the load. One of the most popular types of chains used for towing and lifting applications is G70 transport. Also known simply as a G70 chain, it’s a super-strong industrial chain.

Introduction to G70 Transport Chains

A G70 transport chain is a type of industrial chain with a Grade 70 strength rating. Industrial chains are available in different Grades. There are G30 chains, G43 chains, G70 chains and G80 chain. They all consist of metal links, but some of them are stronger than others G70 transport chains are in the upper end of the strength spectrum, boasting a G70 strength rating.

Benefits of G70 Transport Chains

With a Grade 70 strength rating, G70 transport chains are very strong. The number in a chain’s strength rating is a measurement of its strength. In other words, the higher the strength rating, the stronger the chain.

G70 transport chains are stronger than G30 and G43 chains. A typical G70 transport chain is roughly 20% stronger than a G43 chain. They can withstand more weight without breaking. This makes G70 transport chains a popular choice for towing and lifting applications.

How much weight can a G70 transport chain withstand exactly? Some of them have a working load limit of 2,600 pounds, whereas others have a working load limit of 3,900 or 5,400 pounds.

G70 transport chains are easy to use. They feature uniform link dimensions, smooth surfaces and consistent strength throughout the chain. You can also find markings on them. By referencing these markings, you can easily identify and distinguish them from other chains.

Another benefit of G70 transport chains is testing. They’ve been tested and rated to ensure their performance. Other types of chains may or may not have been tested. With G70 transport chains, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they were designed using stringent testing requirements.

G70 transport chains are protected from corrosion. They are typically made of heat-treated steel with a protective finish. The protective finish, such as a galvanized finish, protects the underlying steel from oxidation, which could otherwise cause corrosion.

In Conclusion

When shopping for industrial chains, you may come across G70 transport chains. They are heavy-duty industrial chains with the G70 strength rating. They are stronger than G30 and G43 chains, which are also classified as industrial chains.

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